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Kerwin's Agency offers you More - Here are 10 Useful Free Resources

Free Resource #1 - Homebuyers Handbook (12-page Report)

Free Resource #1 - Download the 12-page Home Buyers Report
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Free Report reveals Important Information that you Need to Know before buying your first home!
  • What you need to know about choosing a realtor!
  • Important information regarding the location of your new home!
  • How to eliminate your risks when buying your first home!
  • How to carefully evaluate potential properties so you get the best deal possible!
  • Find out how you can use “market trends’ to your advantage and save even more money!

→ And Much, Much More!

Free Resource #2 - How to Buy a Home (Report)

Free Resource #2 - How to Buy a Home
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How to Buy a Home

Have you found a home you love but you’re not sure what to do next? This guide will help you move forward. Every property is different, but there are some standard rules you can follow that will help you make smart, informed decisions.

Free Resource #3 - If I was a Buyer what would I do (Report)

Free Resource #3 - If I was a Buyer, what would I do?
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If I was a Buyer, what would I do?

Warren Buffett once said it is wise to be “fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” This line of thinking applies to the property market just as much as it does to the stock market.

In this guide, we’ll  share some wisdom that can help you along your journey.

Free Resource #4 - Homebuyer Roadmap (Report)

Free Resource #4 - Homebuyer Roadmap
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Homebuyer Roadmap

This Free Resource article outlines the steps a potential buyer can take to make their dream house a reality.

Buying a home can seem like a monumental challenge at the beginning. Especially if it’s your first time, or you haven’t moved in a few years. Let’s break the process down into smaller steps so you know where to start.

Free Resource #5 - 5 Mistakes to avoid when Buying a Home (Report)

Free Resource #5 - 5 Mistakes to avoid when Buying a Home
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5 Mistakes to avoid when Buying a Home

Buying a home is a monumental step in anyone’s life. It’s an emotionally charged process and with all the pressure and expectation involved, it can be a challenge to think clearly and make sound decisions.

Avoid these five common mistakes to increase your chances of securing a good outcome from your home buying journey.

Free Resource #6 - How to Sell a Home (Report)

Free Resource #6 - How to sell a home
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How to sell a home

When it comes to selling your home, the first and most important principle to understand is:

You get one chance to do it right.

Houses are at their most popular when they first go on the market. So you want to avoid making initial compromises that could have a negative impact on the final result.

Free Resource #7 - If I was a Seller what would I do (Report)

Free Resource #7 - If I was a Seller, what would I do?
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If I was a Seller, what would I do?

We all understand the market has changed. Prices have moved and buyers are harder to come by. Even still, prices are historically high compared to 3-5 years ago, meaning there is still an opportunity for most owners to sell their property and achieve a significant capital gain.

Free Resource #8 - Videos Showcasing the Greater Beloit Wisconsin Area

Whether you’re from the Greater Beloit Wisconsin area – or you’re looking to relocate to Beloit, Wisconsin… you will enjoy this huge collection of videos showcasing Beloit, South Beloit,  Janesville, Shopiere, Clinton, Milton, Evansville, Roscoe, and Rockton. There is also a wonderful collection of videos dedicated to Beloit College. Sample all the fun, excitement, history, and the places to see – and things to do. Conveniently organized and viewable from our website. This is one more useful Free Resource provided by Kerwin’s Real Estate Agency in Beautiful Beloit, Wisconsin

Free Resource #8 - Only available for Desktop

Greater Beloit Area Videos

81 Videos

Greater Beloit Area Videos:











Free Resource #9 - Greater Beloit Area Images to Download and Print

Enjoy these wonderful images from Beautiful Beloit, Wisconsin - created by a noted Beloit Photo Artist

Click the Photos above to download the images in High Resolution at Flickr - courtesy of Mark's Postcards from Beloit

Free Resource #10 - Home Affordability Calculator

Click the above Image to go to the Calculator

Kerwin's Real Estate Agency is Happy to have offered you these Free Resources

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